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rocks + shells

a few new creations from me. want some? send request to: available via soon.


katharina trudzinski

shapes and colors make for nice compositions from katharina trudzinski,

love of the bygone II

busted-up bikes are beautiful, images via, bikes locked to poles by john glassie,

tacita dean

tacita dean, filmmaker, painter, born 1965


do you have a spirit animal? of course you do. animal cards via, thingsmagazine

otagaki rengetsu

the poem on this tea bowl, by otagaki rengetsu, a zen buddhist nun (1791-1875) who supported herself with her pottery, poetry, and calligraphy, dug her own clay and made tea bowls inscribed with her poems in japanese women’s script, says:

a thousand grasses

run rampant in autumn

but to discover a

single sprout with two leaves:

the joy of spring!

the ceramic bowl was made by a zen student and friend of my uncle’s in berkeley. thanks to bill & connie for such a thoughtful gift

happy holidays

hope you are all enjoying the holiday season as much as these folks. image:

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