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lovely little things made of metal by a

mr. david neale from australia

also, before i go outside:

“be so happy that when others

look at you they become happy too”

-wisdom from my tea today



make make

student creations at mica

in the environmental design program

have a great friday folks!



endangered species art from talented youth

so great

outside, i go!



shadow show morning

have a fantastic day friends!


lovers’ land

boy do i have the open road

and good friends on the brain today

maybe because of this that i

stumbled upon

(and that then lead to wandering thoughts

of motorcycles and bikes

and learning to surf and possibly

visiting australia someday)

while reading

this from a friend that i met on

an adventure in the jungle

though now i think that it’s

probably, mostly, genuinely because of

my dear kate

happy day, friends & all!

time to go outside now

xo, s!

midnight mountains

more from a tired, late-night, triangulated, mountainous me

have a good day friends

xo, s!

oh but it’s nice

pretty much

more excellence here

hope all of you wonderful weirdos are having a good day!


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