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life gems

Little collisions of minerals:

complexly simple, beautiful

small things.

Looking at them makes me feel

good…& then I  end up thinking

lots of far-reaching thoughts

about all sorts of things in this life:

particularly the complexly simple, beautiful ways

in which this life unfolds.

I’ve gone into the realm of sappy here.

Love it or loathe it, today this is my post.


to find out more about these crystals: go here


one can always hope

hope found in

random things



reminders of someone i love

who is leaving…


green blue

currently wishing for

some more of this

kind of vista in my life.

nothing like a bunch of

green & blue stretched out

for miles in front of you

to make you

feel alright.

maybe it’s time for a roadtrip?


via: me, van, bike (again…i just like it)

surely true

so simple, so true

& if you’d really like to focus on this simple reminder,

you can even temporarily tattoo

it on yourself: tattly

time to go outside!


beasts of peace

for laura, joshua, chi-lin & her girls

 & all of our brains when they get overloaded with

the stuff of life.

from: me, van, bike

enjoy the day!

off to a long weekend.


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