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2000 wishes

It must have been magical to stand under

so many fluffy, hopeful dandelions.

2000 of them suspended on the ceiling by

Regine Ramseler


it really is important

who wants to live here with me?

simple, quiet, beauty.


simple love

the best kind out there…


they say that this works

we’ll see, eh?


the shape of things

that’s just it.

images mostly from here

but, in all honesty, i can’t be certain,

i was rambling around so much.

XO to you.

it’s the end of the week!


Simple fun is the best fun.

Have a good day.



Oh, right!

Just when I was beginning to feel a tad blue,

I came across these colorful, happy photos here and

 was instantly transformed.

They reminded me that there is a big,

giant, amazing, complex, hopeful world out there

that I will do my best to be a positive part of.

Oh, right, perspective.


Make it a great day, friends.

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