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Morie Nishimura


stunning work from Morie Nishimura

Furniture of Prayer, 2011

The Altar

from Nishimura’s site:

“In the old days, people gathered around the fire.

Fireplaces are the vestiges of that ancient tradition. However the act of burning firewood for family gatherings would drain our natural resources.

I was inspired by the opportunity to recreate the feeling of these situations. So I designed a shelf on which to put a family’s valuables. Those valuables are illuminated by sunlight as well as artificial light shining through a stovepipe.

This item is created from reclaimed wood and has an easy system of light control.My wish is for this furniture to serve as a gathering place for family, like a small church inside the home.”

imagemore lovely work…

A Quiet Celebration, 2012

Hinged Brass Mirrors

so inspiring…



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