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simple love

the best kind out there…


the shape of things

that’s just it.

images mostly from here

but, in all honesty, i can’t be certain,

i was rambling around so much.

XO to you.

it’s the end of the week!

sharp tooth

I feel like this little jaggedy,

fuzzy, furry, sharp-toothed critter today.



little critters

i like this:

little critters

all in it together.

have a great day friends!


christine nguyen

photo based drawings by christine nguyen


thanks to shannon for the tip

have a great day friends


hisham akira bharoocha

yeow wow!

have a day full of wild colors and animal dreamscapes friends


all images: hisham akira bharoocha

lost frogs

a couple of pieces

made a couple of weekends ago

top one by me

froggies left behind by an anonymous

youngster at ocma


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