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pretty flattered…

must say,

i’m pretty flattered

to have been featured on

inspired to share.

thanks again to colleen!

hope you are all enjoying the weekend!



OUI please

i stumbled upon this little shop,


based in oklahoma city.

it’s full of little treasures…

for the eyes & to make yours.

happy friday!



all in a day

all things made & captured in one day…

*watercolor studies, illustrations for a wedding invitation, an old photo of yours truly by chi-lin, pot-heads at home, roses at chi-lin’s, miscellaneous items floating around at chi-lin’s (photos of beatrice valenzuela & her sweet astrid)



2000 wishes

It must have been magical to stand under

so many fluffy, hopeful dandelions.

2000 of them suspended on the ceiling by

Regine Ramseler

the shape of things

that’s just it.

images mostly from here

but, in all honesty, i can’t be certain,

i was rambling around so much.

XO to you.

it’s the end of the week!

sharp tooth

I feel like this little jaggedy,

fuzzy, furry, sharp-toothed critter today.



one can always hope

hope found in

random things


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