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the shape of things

that’s just it.

images mostly from here

but, in all honesty, i can’t be certain,

i was rambling around so much.

XO to you.

it’s the end of the week!



Simple fun is the best fun.

Have a good day.



little critters

i like this:

little critters

all in it together.

have a great day friends!


1 day old

last night I met a one day old human being:

the first child of some close

friends from childhood.

He was so calm, so simple, perfect

all wrapped up in his blanket

with his tiny fists curled up by his chin.

I wanted to bottle his sweetness

and carry it around with me everywhere.

Today’s post is about 1 day old

sweetness and the perfect calm of a very new human being.

So new that he was still unnamed last night.

I wonder what they decided?

Calm all around.



good jeans

my friend krissy morrisson

dyed all of these jeans

using her genius

her hands

and some plants

those are some good jeans

if you ask me

krissy’s blog: colour plantae



fuzzy graffiti

magda sayeg

time to go outside!


dance dance dance!

these people make me smile with their

instruments and dancing!

have a great day friends.


ps-thanks to david rager for the tip

pss- recent lykke li wisdom

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