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bishop, ca

june, 2012

a few shots from a recent drive up ca highway 395


simple love

the best kind out there…



Simple fun is the best fun.

Have a good day.



Oh, right!

Just when I was beginning to feel a tad blue,

I came across these colorful, happy photos here and

 was instantly transformed.

They reminded me that there is a big,

giant, amazing, complex, hopeful world out there

that I will do my best to be a positive part of.

Oh, right, perspective.


Make it a great day, friends.

sky hugs

New Mexico skies

make my heart


found here

Like a big comforting hug from the sky…


green blue

currently wishing for

some more of this

kind of vista in my life.

nothing like a bunch of

green & blue stretched out

for miles in front of you

to make you

feel alright.

maybe it’s time for a roadtrip?


via: me, van, bike (again…i just like it)

good jeans

my friend krissy morrisson

dyed all of these jeans

using her genius

her hands

and some plants

those are some good jeans

if you ask me

krissy’s blog: colour plantae

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