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pretty flattered…

must say,

i’m pretty flattered

to have been featured on

inspired to share.

thanks again to colleen!

hope you are all enjoying the weekend!


all in a day

all things made & captured in one day…

*watercolor studies, illustrations for a wedding invitation, an old photo of yours truly by chi-lin, pot-heads at home, roses at chi-lin’s, miscellaneous items floating around at chi-lin’s (photos of beatrice valenzuela & her sweet astrid)



simple love

the best kind out there…



Simple fun is the best fun.

Have a good day.



one can always hope

hope found in

random things



reminders of someone i love

who is leaving…


1 day old

last night I met a one day old human being:

the first child of some close

friends from childhood.

He was so calm, so simple, perfect

all wrapped up in his blanket

with his tiny fists curled up by his chin.

I wanted to bottle his sweetness

and carry it around with me everywhere.

Today’s post is about 1 day old

sweetness and the perfect calm of a very new human being.

So new that he was still unnamed last night.

I wonder what they decided?

Calm all around.



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