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OUI please

i stumbled upon this little shop,


based in oklahoma city.

it’s full of little treasures…

for the eyes & to make yours.

happy friday!





bishop, ca

june, 2012

a few shots from a recent drive up ca highway 395

the shape of things

that’s just it.

images mostly from here

but, in all honesty, i can’t be certain,

i was rambling around so much.

XO to you.

it’s the end of the week!

Oh, right!

Just when I was beginning to feel a tad blue,

I came across these colorful, happy photos here and

 was instantly transformed.

They reminded me that there is a big,

giant, amazing, complex, hopeful world out there

that I will do my best to be a positive part of.

Oh, right, perspective.


Make it a great day, friends.

sky hugs

New Mexico skies

make my heart


found here

Like a big comforting hug from the sky…


green blue

currently wishing for

some more of this

kind of vista in my life.

nothing like a bunch of

green & blue stretched out

for miles in front of you

to make you

feel alright.

maybe it’s time for a roadtrip?


via: me, van, bike (again…i just like it)


boulder, fall 2010

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